Dealer Level Service Without Dealer Costs

We specialize in BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Porsche, Land Rover, Nissan and exotics. We offer all dealer level services, from simple maintenance to repairs, diagnosis, wheel/tire dynamic mount/balance and roadforce.
Here at MPI we have the experience, training & equipment to maintain and repair your BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Porsche, Nissan , Land Rover, or exotics. We can typically save you close to 30% of any dealer estimate for repairs using the same quality parts and service.
Performance is our passion, we offer performance upgrades, tuning, etc.
In the aftermarket, we have many custom MPI performance parts, we can also source parts from other name brands for any of your performance needs. 

Maintenance & Repairs

When it comes to maintaining your vehicle, MPI does it right! We know what it takes to properly maintain your high end vehicles. Oil services, brake services, tire mount/balance, A/C recharging, etc.

•Standard maintenance
•Repairs(oil leaks, coolant leaks, noises, etc)
•Electrical Diagnosis
•Module Programming
•Every 5,00 miles we recommend an engine oil service
•If you have non staggered tires, they should be rotated every oil service as well to extend the life.  
•Brake fluid every 24months
•AC Cabin Filter every 24months
•And More!


Here at MPI we can handle almost any wheel and tire combination using our Hunter TC39 Mounting Machine and GSP9700 RoadForce Balancer for precise dynamic balancing and vibration free vehicles.

Our TC39 features a center clamp system and leverless mounting and dismounting to prevent any damage to your wheels and tires.

We take pride in our work, a small touch of that can be found in our wheel balancing; we color match wheel weights for most wheels for seamless aesthetics.

Dyno Runs & Tuning

With our RWD Dynojet Dynamometer, we can safely and accurately measure your vehicles horsepower and torque. Dyno Rentals are by appointment only, please call our shop directly for more information.
Custom Dyno Tuning is supported for BMW, Porsche, GTR, and McLaren. Please call our shop directly if you any questions regarding custom dyno tuning.

For R35 GTRs, we temporarily covert it to RWD by removing the front driveshaft.

Custom Builds

We know performance isn't all just about throwing parts at your car, we know race cars are BUILT. From turbo kits, supercharger kits to built engines, we are the home for performance. 

Custom builds are on CASE BY CASE BASIS ONLY. Please contact our shop directly for questions regarding your build.

Extended Warranties

We have years of experience working with extended warranty companies:
•Route 66
•Easy Care
•Various others
Contact us to get extended warranty with your services.