OEM Quality

We don’t settle for anything less.

OEM Quality.

We guarantee OEM quality parts without question, on any high-line machine there are many options from questionable online vendors. We don’t cut corners and we don’t use imitation parts that can compromise your safety and downstream cause more issues in reliability and inevitably bring more costs than savings. Miami Performance Inc staff follow factory and factory service center specifications for all work performed, we have the specialized tools for all operations and computers to read all sub-systems of your vehicle. Far beyond anything that a consumer tool can do. Don’t second guess a diagnosis that has to do with your cars reliability. We’ve got your back using systems needed for world class diagnosis that leads to accurate maintenance the first time, no throwing cash at the problem blindly.

No Compromises

We guarantee any part we sell as well as the labor and precise tolerances required on any high-end vehicle. You won’t find a bolt over or under tightened. You won’t find incorrect compounds used on materials under your hood. Not every car is a race car, but every car gets the treatment to run within the proper tolerances for its design intent. We take this seriously, it’s not just a business it’s a passion. Come into Miami Performance Inc and give us the chance to earn your trust, but don’t take our words for it. The reviews show, we provide 5 star quality and service and we stand behind this at a price lower than the dealership.

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