Racing is our heart, we build devilish machines that reach the bleeding edge of what we can do safely.

Forced Induction? ECU mods?

We got you.

Reach out to us to talk about any of our partner company bolt on forced induction kits. We’re not a just a bolt on shop, we live and breathe this. For every bolt on there’s a track day with our own cars. We live and breath performance from custom built to bolt on ready. Hit us up with any questions!

Race Ready

Born & raised

Anything from Godzilla to performance jags we’ve done it. Miami Performance Inc has many partner and shop cars on the road and at track events. We can build to your goals or lay a roadmap out to hit your 1000hp daily driving dream. Contact us with any questions, quotes or just to check in. We love hearing from our customers and people in the community.