Let MPI maintain your machine to factory specs.

Miami Performance Inc is able to perform service A & B as recommended by Mercedes as well as facilitate full service.

Service A:

The Interior:

  • Check warning and indicator lamps, illumination, and interior lighting.
  • Check windshield wiper, windshield washer system, and headlamp cleaning system.
  • Reset maintenance service counter in instrument cluster

Wheels & Brakes:

  • Check front brake pads lining thickness.
  • Check the condition of tires
  • Check and correct the tire inflation pressure.

Engine Compartment:

  • Change engine oil and filter.
  • Check the fluid level on: engine cooling system, antifreeze, corrosion protection, battery.
  • Check battery condition.
  • Check catch, safety catch, and hinges on engine hood for proper operation.
  • Windshield washer system.
  • Check exhaust pipes, mufflers, and hangers for cracks, deterioration, or damage.

Every 20,000 miles (or every 2 years):

Service B:

  • All components in Service A
  • Check cabin dust/combination filter replacement
  • Check parking brake
  • Check condition/thickness of front and rear brake discs
  • Brake fluid exchange
  • Check heating and cooling systems
  • Check fuel lines and connectors
  • Check fuel tank vapor vent system
  • Check for major components leakage
  • Check for chafe marks, line routing, damage components.
  • Check condition of front axle ball joints and rubber boots
  • Check condition of mechanical steering components and rubber boots
  • Check power steering
  • Check Active Body Control
  • Check condition of poly V-belt

The Mercedes-Benz Recommended schedule is quite direct, and if followed will look something like this:

  • 5,000-6,000 miles: Inspection & Tire Rotation Service
  • 10,000 miles: Service A
  • 20,000 miles: Service B
  • 30,000 miles: Service A
  • 40,000 miles Service B, etc.

All high-line service.

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